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Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Yes! We welcome all new students throughout the year. Contact us today to find the perfect class for you!

Do you have a concert? Is this compulsory?


We do have an anual concert usually held in December. Whilst this is not compulsory, the experience of performing on a stage builds confidence and is a great way to see your child's development at the end of the year.

What are your term dates?


J & L Productions only holds classes as per the NSW school calendar terms. However, from time to time we may need to hold rehearsals for any group for performances and the concert. J & L Productions do not hold classes on public holidays.

Do you offer Examinations?


Tap – Ballet- & Musical Theatre exams are offered but are not compulsory. Exams give your child a sense of achievement and something to show for their efforts. In the long run Exams give the qualifications to teach dance.

Do you have a COVID Safe Plan?


Yes, we are in compliance with NSW Health and have a currently registered COVID safe plan. We also have NSW registered QR code.

What should my child wear for class?


During your first few classes we want you to be as comfortable as possible so we recommend leggings, shirt/singlet/ and socks or sport shoes (gym attire). Once you settle in, J&L Productions has a Uniform you can purchase to enhance the student's experience and team environment.

Where can I purchase the Uniform & Dance Shoes?


All J&L Uniforms can be purchased from our office. For all your dance shoes and accessories we recommend Centre Stage Dancewear in Seven Hills.


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